COVID-19 Resource Hub

Welcome to our dedicated COVID-19 hub. Here you can find all of the content and practical resources that we've created to help accounting firms through these challenging times.

Conversations over Coffee

Join us in our digital lounge room as we discuss practical tips to help firms in the current climate.

The human element of innovation

Technology is an enabler, creating opportunities for quality conversations and high value advisory. Today, Jennie Moore is joined by Will Buckley, Country Manager for Xero Canada, to discuss the relationship between technology and innovation, and how this equips advisors for deeper relationships with their clients.

The right time to market your services

Should you be marketing your services in the middle of a pandemic? Jennie Moore is joined by Damien Greathead, Practice Ignition's Head of Marketing, to unpack some practical ways accountants and bookkeepers can communicate how they can help the small business community during this time.

Celebrating the wins

Now more than ever, we need to celebrate the wins in business. Rebecca Mihalic and Aly Garett reflect on the recent challenges that accounting and bookkeeping firms have had to face, and the incredible client stories along the way.

Practical how-to guides and content

I'm a Practice Ignition customer wanting to learn how to –

You and your clients may be experiencing unanticipated changes that affect your engagements. We’ve compiled a list of practical how-to guides for different scenarios you may face when using Practice Ignition.

Covid-19 service library:

So you can quickly adapt, we've prepared best practice business continuity services you can access and offer your clients. Thoughtfully created by our Head of Accounting in each region, these are most relevant for accountants supporting small businesses during COVID-19. Simply download the Service Library spreadsheet below and import into your account.

How-to guides for common scenarios:

JobKeeper Declaration (Additional Terms and Conditions):

Meeting the Economic Challenge Head-On

Together with US/CA industry leaders and ecosystem partners, we hosted a 1-Day Online Learning event to give accounting professionals the practical strategies and tools needed to help you manage your firm, as well as help your clients and the challenges they currently face.

Recordings from our virtual event in response to COVID-19 in US/CA

Together with leading apps in the UK accounting industry, we hosted a day-long web series to give you the practical strategies and tools to help your firm, and your clients' businesses succeed in the current economic climate.

Recordings from our virtual event in response to COVID-19 in UK/ZA

COVID-19 Resource Hub