Best practice email templates

Professionally communicate change to your clients

Manage change and improve your client experience

With the right strategy in place, communicating change to your clients during the contract renewal period presents the opportunity to increase fees, consolidate your payment collections or restructure your service offerings. 

Innovative partners like Illumin8 and 542 Partners use Practice Ignition to provide a powerful renewal experience for their clients. These email templates are designed to complement the experience within PI.

Free resources available:

- Professionally designed HTML emails for 8 common changes you'd need to communicate to your clients

- Just the email text for 8 common changes (not the pretty email!) 

What are these templates and who are they for?

These email templates are for you to send to your clients using gmail, outlook, MailChimp etc. They are html emails which means they're professionally designed. You can download just the email text if you don't want the nicely designed email.

Are these templates relevant to me?

We've created several email templates that cover a broad range of scenarios. We've recently updated and added new templates based on common use cases. Feel free to use the template as a starting point, and customise it yourself.

When do I send these to my clients?

Given these templates are designed to prepare your clients' expectations, the intention of these templates is that you would send the email ahead of sending all of your proposals (we suggest at least 1-2 weeks prior to sending your proposals).

How do I use these templates?

We've included some helpful and simple instructions on how to edit and use these templates in your online marketing system. If you've never handled HTML before, don't worry! The instructions below will walk you through exactly what you need to do.


You don't have to wait until the EOFY to use this email. Use it any time of the year to migrate your existing client agreements to PI. This template explains that you are simply migrating the method of Payment and nothing else. 

Use this template if:

  • You want to migrate your existing Word document or handshake deal agreements onto PI.
  • You want your existing customers to start paying you through Practice Ignition.
  • Your client recently signed a proposal via another means. 

Template 1 

Existing client, migrating existing proposal with no changes onto Practice Ignition

Move your engagement letters for existing clients to Practice Ignition

A simple template for your existing clients who've received a PI proposal before. A great way to set expectations about why they are receiving a new proposal for the next year. 

Use this template if:

  • You have an existing PI agreement and you simply need your client to sign a renewal agreement. 
  • You want to use the renewal opportunity to promote automatic payments!

Template 2

Renewal proposal for a client who has received a PI proposal previously

Re-engage a client who has already signed a PI proposal

Similar to template 1, this is a template you can use for clients who are going through their first 'renewal' via Practice Ignition. Unlike template 1, this email leaves open the possibility of a fee change or service structure change. 

Use this template if:

  • You're renewing your agreements and your clients have not received a proposal via PI before. 

Template 3

Renewal proposal for a client who has NOT received a PI proposal previously

Renewing a proposal for a client who hasn't signed through PI before

Do some of your clients have outstanding bills for previous work? You're not alone. This template is based on the best practices used by Rise Business Solutions, an accounting Practice that used PI to collect $360,000 in overdue payments

By providing the facility to pay overdue fees in monthly Instalments, Rise was able to recover their total debts in 6 months, all while easing the burden on their clients' cashflow.

Use this template if:

  • You want to use PI to collect overdue client debts on a monthly (or one-time) instalment. 

Template 4

Collecting Debtors via Practice Ignition

Debt collecting through Practice Ignition

As used by Rise Business Solutions

Don't just assume your ITR clients are going to come back to you year after year. If ITRs make up a significant portion of your annual revenue, it's best to be pro-active.

Option 1 

Asks your client to reply to your email to confirm they will be completing their ITR with you again. 

Template 5

Individual Tax Return Campaign

Marketing ITRs to your clients

Want to get fancy? 

Option 2 

Asks your client to use the PI Web Connector so that a draft ITR proposal is submitted directly to your PI account. 

(For instructions on how to connect the Web Connector to your template, watch video #4 in the help section below).

Are you needing to increase prices for your service packages in the new financial year? 

This template, created by Flow CPA to increase fees across their entire client base, is designed to help you transition your clients onto new rates smoothly and transparently. 

Use this template if:

  • You want to use PI to send a proposal with updated pricing (summary, payment schedule and engagement letter).

Template 6

Pricing increase letter

Communicate fee increases to your clients

Option 2 

Is a personalised email with client name fields and opportunity to include client-specific information on work completed, and pricing. 

Option 1 

A generic email that is ready to be sent to all your clients.

As used by Flow Smart Accounting

Three simple tutorials to use these templates

How to open your html template to prepare to edit

Step 1

How to edit your html template and include your own logo

Step 2

How to upload your template to your marketing system (Mailchimp as the example)

Step 3

Bonus Step

How to connect your PI services directly to your email templates via the Web Connector

Leave it to the experts

If you'd prefer marketing experts to handle your email communications to your clients, Bizink can help.

With the Bizink Onboarding Hub, these email templates can be prepared and sent on your behalf.