Simplify your engagement letters and stay compliant

Practice Ignition now includes SAIBA Engagement Letter templates & SAIBA members get a discount of 50% off for the first 2 months.

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The engagement letter process is a critical process that accounting firms need to address to be in compliance with the industry regulations. Best practice would see you review engagement letters annually and with every change of scope/work. To help members save time, yet remain compliant, SAIBA is proud to announce a partnership with Practice Ignition.

“Once a client accepts our proposal, Practice Ignition automatically pulls the agreed upon fees from the document to generate monthly recurring invoices in Xero. You can even go a step further and connect Practice Ignition to Xero Practice Manager which then creates a task in XPM based on the proposal. It makes task management super easy!

“DoughGetters Accounting wouldn't be able to keep it together without Practice Ignition. It is a core element to our tech stack helping us deliver well-deserved value to our customers. The cherry on top is the fact that it can integrate with both Xero and XPM.

Nicole Rousseau

Willem Haarhoff CA(SA)

Head of Accounting Solutions PKF Ignite


DoughGetters Accounting

Save time and stay compliant

Practice Ignition automatically creates your proposal & engagement letter, raises invoices and reconciles payments all from your client's signed proposal.

It takes around 3-5 minutes to create a bespoke engagement letter using the SAIBA Engagement Letter template.

SAIBA members will now be able to:

Create professional proposals and compliant engagement letters in minutes using pre-approved language in professionally designed templates

Send proposals and engagement letters directly to any device for their client to review and sign, on the go

Manage all engagement letters in one single system of record

Better manage cash flow via the Practice Ignition management dashboard

Get 50% off your first 2 months on any plan

How Practice Ignition works:

Practice Ignition automatically amends your client engagement letters based on service templates and standardized terms. You’ll save time and Practice Ignition’s integration with QuickBooks Online means you’ll eliminate the need for copy and paste or ‘Find and Replace.’

Our onboarding team will help you set up your template library and standardized terms, including the SAIBA template. Practice Ignition will then automatically update the following details for each new proposal:

Correct contact details of clients

A consistent description and scope of services across your clients

An outline of agreed fees and payment terms - retainer, on completion, or fixed recurring for example

Your signature

Your client will then be able to:

Review and sign the engagement letter on any device. They’ll even get reminder emails if they’re slow to sign.

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