Top 50 Women in Accounting of 2018

Celebrate the outstanding women leading the charge in the accounting industry.

Please nominate the women who have acted as a mentor a leader and a change-maker in your career, so we can recognize them for the impact they have had.

Nominations have now closed. 

In this time of rapid change and innovation in the accounting and bookkeeping industry, we want to take some time to celebrate the outstanding women leading the charge on #IWD2019.

We believe that all people (both men & women) play an important role in their workplace. International Women's Day gives the world a platform to celebrate all the women in our lives.

We first launched this list in 2018 on International Women's Day as a way to keep celebrating women in our industry – accounting.

Join us again on the 8th of March as we celebrate the women that inspire you, that lift you up and absolutely deserved to be loved and celebrated.

Why we celebrate 'Women In Accounting'

Meet our judging panel

Kelly Chard

Co-founder of AccounTEK Global and founder of GrowthMD an accounting firm specialising in medical practices.

Kylie Parker

Co-founder of AccounTEK Global, Author of "Planning Plan B", Director of Lotus Accountants and ex-Xero senior account manager.

Guy Pearson

Guy Pearson is a Chartered Accountant, a Tax agent with 15 years experience in public practice (8 as a Director) and a self confessed geek as a lover of numbers and technology.

Lielette Calleja

Co-founder of AccounTEK Global and founder of All That Counts, Intuit Firm of the Future Australian Winner and champion for women in business. 


Why have we partnered with AccounTEK Global?

AccounTEK Global is launching in March to raise the visibility of women in the accounting and finance sectors globally.

The not-for-profit initiative exists to create unique networking opportunities, world-class events and a central source of industry information that is independent and female focused.

AccounTEK Global will assist with training, promoting available opportunites, upskilling and networking events with the aim of increasing the representation of women speaking at industry events. This can only occur with supportive men also becoming involved.

The judging process

After the 22nd February, the judges will receive the award submissions and allocate a score of 1-10 for each question based on two key areas:

- Professional achievements

- Community achievements


Some credit will be given to nominees that received multiple nominations, but only one award submission per person will be accepted. 

The judging panel are responsible for determining the score allocation for each question. 

The scores for each question will be totalled, along with any additional credit for multiple nominations. The final total will determine the shortlist of the Top 50. 

Names will be removed from the award applications for anonymity. 

If you’re shortlisted, we’ll let you know ahead of time so you can share the news throughout your networks on International Women’s Day.

If you have any questions, please direct them to

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